hyperorganic 2019

hyperorganic explores the field of embodied interaction – meaning the creation, manipulation and sharing of thoughts through artifacts. Is it possible to trigger different types of emotional response by working with embodied interaction. The work consists of a backpack, containing a small computer, actuators, valves and air pumps, the backpack is connected to an inflatable silicone wearable attached to the stomach. When air is pushed from the backpack to the stomach, the pockets inflates triggering associations that the user can use as a language.

Renderings in Plaster 2017

Visually reminiscent of computer-aided renderings of the human body, where anatomy and shape have no limitsand can be dragged around and re-arranged.


A machine that detects deficiencies in your body when the user breaths into it. Particles from the breath sticks to the moss, chromatographic liquid is dripped over and transformes into three different colors and hues, depending on your levels. The user can then pick from a variety of food compatible with a list provided, to counteract the difciencies.

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William Eckerstein



I originate from Sweden but have been studying and working abroad for the past 5 years in the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. My education had emphasised conceptual and creative thinking merged with my interest in technology, research, electronics and creative software.

I did preparatory art education in Gothenburg, Sweden with sculpture as the main focus. I continued to do my Bachelor program at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the DesignLab department. DesignLab focused on interdisciplinarity merging many of the different departments at the school such as ceramics, fashion, fine arts, design and jewellery. After four years in Amsterdam, I went to Limerick in Ireland, to develop my passion for kinetic sculpture and installations, where sensors, motors and creative software was important.
I did the Master program at the University of Limerick at the Art and Technology Department, exploring academic research, philosophy, electronics and

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