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Unlisted Projects cultivates & facilitates interdisciplinary meeting points for visiting national/International artists amid a local landscape. They catalyze & nurture connections between visiting artists & the Austin arts ecosystem.

Unlisted Projects’ visiting artists live & work along a thriving community of 25 in-house creatives & are supported to collaborate with the greater Austin art community. The program provides studio/living space & working stipend, ensuring that each artist’s experience is productive & comfortable. Each residency period culminates in a public presentation of new work. The program’s mission is to support, sustain, accelerate & grow interdisciplinary collaboration between Austin & national/international artists.





Public presentation of any sort, varies per project and flexible.

Accommodation Information

Resident artists are provided with a 1970s trailer on site and artist studio inside The Museum of Human Achievement.

Studio Information

16’x12′ artist studio with 14ft tall ceilings. 2 large barn doors open out to the common area of the space, providing a flexible space that sometimes doubles as a small gallery and a natural organic connection to studio artists at The Museum of Human Achievement.

Technical Information

UP and The Museum of Human Achievement foster a welcoming and intentional community of artists and arts administrators, as well as a number of useful tools and facilities at the resident artists’ disposal. The building is equipped with a dark room, co-working space, 1000 sq ft gallery space, venue area with PA, vinyl record cutting lathe, VR headset, tool library and various audio/visual equipment. Both the gallery and the venue host monthly exhibitions, weekly performance events and occasional educational programming; artists in residence are encouraged to participate in the development of the programming activities. MoHA is located in a thriving neighborhood near multiple local restaurants, work-focused coffee shops and businesses, as well as a multitude of neighboring art/creative spaces, including Canopy, Big Medium, ATM Gallery/Studio, Tillery Park, Pump Project and Not Gallery. They welcome every medium imaginable and individuals whose work is outside the box. Residents will live on-site in a climate controlled renovated 1970s trailer with a private yard.

Opportunity by Unlisted Projects

Country: United States of America

Web site: https://www.unlistedprojects.com/