The identity and perfection | carmen Alexandra Mocioaca

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1whisper to me   ,, 60 x90 cm oil on canvas.  2 intimate snapshot,, 50×70 cm. Oil on canvas. /3Queen of hearts. 50×70 cm oil on canvas and frame  Wood style baroque ; this was exhibition in the brick lane galery and oxo tower warf.   London  / contemporary artworks. / and are in Crosshatch Publishing.i am a Romanian born artist with previous exhibitions in Barcelona, Hull and Glasgow. Having studied architecture, i favour nude self-portraits, explaining that it is, after all, “the subject I knows best”. These nudes, disclosing both erotic and autobiographical elements, are mouthpieces for wider themes such as identity, body and gender as well as opening discourse on race and class. I cites the works as a consummation of  my own reality and fantasy, peppered both with inspiration from the natural world and a Cubist energy.





carmen Alexandra Mocioaca

Craiova | Romania