C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS announces an international selection for the creation of an artistic production, the “C.O.C.A PRIZE”, aimed at the promotion and enhancement of contemporary art and education.

“C.O.C.A PRIZE “is open to all adults (older than 18 + ) artists from any nationality who are already project members or new project members of the association C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS.

Each participant can present to the first selection process a work representative of his own production (the artwork presented can be already published. The artworks presented have no limits of size or length of time.
Here are the artistic styles that may be allowed:
+ Ceramic
+ Digital Art
+ Documentary
+ Installation Art
+ Land Art
+ Multi Task Art
+ Painting
+ Performance
+ Photography
+ Sculpture
+ Street Art
+ Video Art

The candidate’s selection will be made by an international committee of advisors members: They will 3 members selected by C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS.
The advisors will have professional profiles related to the world of art and economics to analyze and evaluate both the creative aspect and budgets of the projects presented.
These are the advisors who will be part of the committee selection process:


This international committee will assign an award to all C.O.C.A members. | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS:

The production of an artistic project of the maximum value of 15,000.00 euros and a personal exhibition at the House of Collectors.
The requested amount will be given for services such as accommodation, meals, travel, various materials, technology and software, equipment rental, space rental, human resources, animal resources useful for the realization of the artistic production.

The profiles of the finalists will be observed by collectors, gallery owners, curators of independent organizations and museums, in relation to their artistic path and selected by The House of Collectors for a private collective exhibition. They will also be able to enjoy the maximum promotion on cocaprize.art and will become part of the C.O.C.A database.

Selected and recommended artists will have an online Membership available to develop their international artistic career. Furthermore, the profile of the selected artists will be published on a fixed-term basis on cocaprize.art.
The C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS philosophy aims at incentivizing and supporting every artist to grow in his/her artistic career.

Participants can register from Marz 26, 2018.
The open call will close when we reach our maximum of 121 finalists and / or by 2018.
The results will be progressively updated online on www.cocaprize.art
The registration consists of two stages:
1. A free registration (pre-registration) which will get processed through the registration itself and the filling of the online Form which its link is found on the our website: cocaprize.art.

2. The payment of the C.O.C.A membership fee has to be done through PayPal service (only for the artists that will be recommended by the advisors).

Artists invited by external users will be able to enter the email address of their promoter which in this case will have the chance to win a cultural oriented trip that must be documented by a “logbook” offered by C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS.
The trip will be offered only to the artist’s promoter winner C.O.C.A PRIZE. Each promoter will be asked to register as a C.O.C.A member if the artist invited by them will be among the finalists of the C.O.C.A PRIZE.
The organization of the trip will be arranged between the promoter, the winner and C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS.

The fee of 47 euros includes membership of the C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS association and a partial coverage of the organization expenses. Artists must keep a copy of the payment. The registration fee is not refundable.


The selection by the Advisors will take place online through the recommendation of the profile and the subsequent voting of the artistic project.

Profile recommendation:
The advisor, after having examined and analyzed the profile of the artist, will decide whether to continue and vote on the presented artistic project. In this case the vote will be considered as a recommendation.

Project voting:
The voting of the project will take place by inserting a score from 1 to 10 about the coherence of the artistic profile, the conceptual Idea and the feasibility of the presented project (idea / timing / budget).

This is the list of classification criteria for reports and assessments in relation to prizes and awards:
• Recommendation: artists who have obtained at least one vote.
• Selection: artists who have received at least 3 votes.
• Finalists: artists who have scored more than 70/100 votes.
• Winner: the artist who will reach the highest score.

The finalists will be contacted and required to submit a detailed project within 30 days by completing a form sent by e-mail. Once this is submitted to cocaprize.art, the projects will again be submitted to the evaluation of the advisors using the same method of “project voting” described in ART.8.

In the case that the advisors need changes or clarifications concerning the projects presented can contact the artists through e-mail or video calls. The decisions of the advisors are final and cannot be appealed.


The selected artistic profiles and the finalists will be found on the website www.cocaprize.art.

The association C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS is the Organizer of “C.O.C.A PRIZE”.


“C.O.C.A PRIZE”, project by C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS, invites artists-members to subscribe to the newsletter and to periodically consult the site www.cocaprize.art to be informed of all updates and any changes made to this announcement.
To take advantage of the artistic production the winner will have to have all the necessary documents for the realization of the presented project, such as a visa issued by the embassy and an international health care, vaccines and other certifications not explained in this announcement. Therefore C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS undertakes to provide only and exclusively the services referred to in ART.5.
In any case, the winning artist will be entrusted with a tutor / advisor who will assist him during the course of the activity. To this end an agreement will be signed between the two parties for the development of artistic production that will be carried out according to an agreed timetable.


The awarded artists have the right to renounce the prize but are not entitled to any compensation; in this case the prize will be reassigned according to the ranking previously given by the committee. Each artist contributes to “C.O.C.A PRIZE “, project by C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS, without any consideration, the rights of reproduction, exhibition, publication, translation and communication to the public, of all the materials published by him at the time of registration.
THE “C.O.C.A PRIZE”, a project by C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS may disclose, for any reason and in any way, the materials in full respect of moral copyright law. Participation in the open call implies the knowledge and total acceptance of this Regulation and of the Articles of Association of C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS (https://www.cocaprize.art/statuto/).

C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS adopts a strict policy to protect the e-mail addresses and personal data of its users. The e-mail address used for registration will never be displayed on www.cocaprize.art, or on the online profile of the artists or in communications with other users, or in administrative e-mails. C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS undertakes not to disclose e-mail addresses to third parties in its mailing services and not to sell them to any person or company. By using this website, the user is obliged to accept the following conditions of use. The owner and organizer reserves the right, at his discretion, to modify, add or re-move parts of these terms at any time, as well as adding or removing users from the site, whether they are paying users or non-paying users. Please check these terms periodically. The continued use of the website after posting changes to these terms implies acceptance of such changes, even if changes are made after registration. The original announcement of the C.O.C.A PRIZE is in Italian; therefore, other translations will only be used as an example: in any case and circumstance the Italian version will have priority over any other kind of translation.


Unless otherwise indicated, all texts, images and videos entered by members registered on the websites of C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS (www.cocaprize.art or other sites managed by the association), now called websites or website, are protected by copyright, but are automatically licensed to C.O.C.A CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS which may be used for promotional purposes in catalogs or in other activities of the center or its franchised organizations.
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All selected artists will have a free personal page on the C.O.C.A | CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS website. At the time of registration, each new member will choose his name and his password, which can be later changed. Each member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password, as well as all activities that have begun or continue on his behalf.
Members must reveal their true identity by filling in their name and last name within the registration fields. Members cannot hide their identity with a ‘nickname’ or with an alternate name that will appear on the website. Failure to include your name, last name and the relative data requested upon registration and / or registration in the online forms may result in the cancellation of registration and / or registration.
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