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Campsirago Residency, led by ScarlattineTeatro, belongs to Être Association, the Lombardy Theatre Residencies network. Campsirago Residency promotes hospitality and long permanence of artists and spectators, suggesting a constant relationship between audience and landscape, community and territory and paying attention to different artistic languages. It is a driving force of artistic and cultural initiatives aimed at promoting communication, in close touch with local administrations and interested subjects.

Cantiere Campsirago takes place on these basis, offering a place (see below – Studio), a time, a quality work.

Long time needed to realize a handmade product, as an artistic production, is often difficult to find due to practical availabilities, especially for breakthrough artists, and market rules. Campsirago, on the contrary, offers this extra-ordinary time, able to promote concentration and productive improvement.

Work quality… Supporting guest companies’ production means also promoting work sharing and opening. Together with ScarlattineTeatro, its technicians, actors and playwrights, with other artists, with different backgrounds, with people of the district, with other performing realities, beyond the province, region, nation.

Cantiere Campsirago is supported by Fondazione Cariplo, collaborates with Lombardy Region and Colle Brianza municipality and, for this 2014 edition, with the Residency’s wide national and international network. It is addressed to national and international artists and companies, with special attention to breakthrough realities: the aim is to promote new productions.




Cantiere Campsirago 2014_2016
Addressed to projects premiering between June 2014 and June 2016 which will be asked to plan a coherent 3-year project, the budget considering artistic, technical, managerial, promotional costs, the use of Residency premises (planned in working sessionss) according to the project length, the possibility to open the project to research work and workshops.

Cantiere Campsirago is addressed to national and international artists and theatre companies, with no genre limits nor audience target. Preferential selection criteria: innovative production mixing media-based project, breakthrough artist/company, unavailability of permanent residential place.

The project aim has to be an artistic production and can be integrated with a workshop. The workshop might be programmed among Campsirago Residency activities and be open to the internal company, external artists and/or spectators, according to the project features.


All selected projects will open at ScarlattineTeatro’s Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival during 2014, 2015, 2016 editions.

Studio Information

Since Palazzo Gambassi guest rooms have been restored, artists can experience long stays and relationship with territory and other artists.

The brand-new Yurta tent provides a 80m2 rehearsal space with wooden floor, dance mats, 24 dimmer channels available, Residency’s technical equipment and a technician.


Palazzo Gambassi, Campsirago (Colle Brianza), Lecco -Lombardy – Italy
(Northern Italy)

Opportunity by ScarlattineTeatro

Country: Italy

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