’31 2019

’31 is a fine art photography series concerned with the societal development of Western cultures.

The tableaux of the on-going project ’31 explore the parallels between the early 1930s and present-day reality. The project’s cinematic images show imagined yet unromanticised scenes of everyday life referencing novels, paintings, and photographs from the Interbellum. The pictures of the series blend the European lifestyle of the early 1930s and the present reality. The combination of the two eras makes the images of ’31 hover between past and present.

I want this presentation to pull viewers into the subject’s world, giving the audience time and space to realise the past’s reappearance and question our current trajectory.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Zsofia Daniel



Based near to Zürich, Switzerland, Zsofia Daniel is a self-taught artist who uses photography to explore issues of human connection and emotional expression.

Zsofia loves visualising stories with open endings (requiring observer’s complicity) on societal and psychological topics. Her aim is to pull viewers into the subject’s world and give them the time and space to reflect on their own thoughts, emotions and experience. She takes inspiration from sculptures, cinema, books, music and events of every day life.

Though an accomplished electrical engineer by profession, she has advanced her photographic skills by taking a variety of workshops with some of today’s most respected photographers, including Julia Fullerton-Batten, David H. Wells and Jennifer B. Thoreson.

Her work has been recognized at the International Fine Art Photography Awards, amongst others; been exhibited online and in her native Hungary; and been published.

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