《SWIRL》 2019

The work is to participate “Quotidiana Bellezza ”International Land Art Symposium in Sardinia,
Works inspired by Nuragica Archaeologythe ,materials Are created using local reeds,the dwelling of ancient Sardinians was middle high and low around,and so,Dialogue Between my work and archaeological Architecture,create local art and culture,interact with Local residents.

《NEST》 2017

The work is made of bamboo,bamboo is very important to The Chinese,is closely related to our culture and life,Today the natural environment is getting worse,Human Overexploitation of nature,make many animals lose their Homes,even many animals face,nature never needs Humans,but humans need nature。


Lived in Tuscany for a few years,the hills and landscapes of Tuscany are particularly charming,the inspiration for the Work comes from the trees above the hills。

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Zhou JieFu



Jiefu Zhou, a sculptor works and lives in Milan, Italy. Born in city of Hunan, China, 1984. Graduated from China Academy of Art in 2011. and graduated Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara in 2018. From 2015 to today, collaborates with ARTCO in Seravezza. Has participated in various symposiums and activities in Italy and worked as a guest tutor in China Academy of Art.

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