Confinement #3 2021

100 * 130 cm, Oil on canvas

I brought my son to see my parents in China (for the first time since he war born) in March 2021, and we went through two weeks of quarantine in a hotel in Guangzhou. He was 18 months old and just started walking. This is a painting depicting his curiosity and hesitation towards the world outside.

He Isn’t Sleeping 2020

80*55 cm.
Highlighter, crayon, and oil on canvas.

A painting depicting my son's earliest attempt to turn around on his own.

One-Hour Attempt at a Self-Portrait 2019

165 x 85 cm. Oil on canvas.

To do a self-portrait is a lot harder than the sound of it. What is it that we see? What is it that we feel? Who am I? Am I the same a minute ago and five minutes later? This is a self-questioning portraiture through time.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Zhizhou Xia


I am Zhi-zhou Xia. I am a painter who occasionally writes and does mosaics. I observe daily life and am fascinated by movements and change. My work, in most cases, is chronological narrative of a short moment or an event, like a multiple-exposed photo. It is done by adding layers accumulatively on the same surface. My methodology, thus, is monotonous and contemplative.
I had been living as an "international nomad" since in 2010. I studied Mathematics and Art in United States, then I spent a year studying architecture in New York, and another year working in advertisement in Shanghai. Since 2016 I started working as an freelancing illustrator and traveled among the UK, Italy, and China frequently. I gained my master of Fine Art at University of Oxford in 2019, and gave birth to my son the same year. Now we live in France.
My identity as an immigrant and a mother has deeply influenced my paintings recently and I would like to work more on the topic motherhood in the near future.

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