Kwei Yih #2 2016

Kwei Yih is a project deeply rooted in my own personal experience. After many years of roaming away from home, I found myself falling into a state of anxiety and helplessness, eagerly looking to regain a sense of belonging. However, it is such a complicated emotion. I can still call it a feeling of happiness when the nostalgia and homesickness come to me. I will never be like a floating weed or a falling leaf, as home always lies silently within somewhere deep in heart.

The whole project divides into 5 chapters: “North by Northwest”, “South by Southwest” and ” “Southern Land” was created between 2012 to 2018, “Eastern Home” is in progress. For last chapter “Beyond The North”, my journey will end by following the railway Trans-Siberian from my homeland to Paris, where I currently live and work.

In this sense, Kwei Yih is not only a journalistic record of the long way that I have come, but also a work about remembrance, imagination and self-comfort.

Kwei Yih #14 2017

Kwei Yih #16 2018

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Zhen SHI


SHI Zhen (b. 1989, Shandong, China) employs various mediums and a process that combined photography, book object and fiction-documentary story to construct a maze of narratology. Through her artificial manipulation on individuals’ lived experiences and intervention in intellectual legacies such as literature, archival material, theatre and film, Shi’s practice attempts to explore the complex relationship between reality and memory under the general proposition “Archive and Fiction” / “Private and Public”. In the self-referential environments that she constructs, Sisyphean, but poetic as well as cottony aspects of the concept of inner world are exposed. Shi’s practice also seeks to develop a discourse on how time exists and disappears in a soundless way from its historical context continues to adapt to changing existence.

The artist currently lives and works in Paris.

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