fire walk with me 2020

the work is inspired by a natural phenomenon that has been discovered since the Middle Ages, but is placed in an emotional context and is more personal, which involves a feeling that refers to loneliness, pressure and depression

anima sola 2020

Anima Sola, is depicted as breaking free from her chains in a dungeon setting surrounded by flames, representing purgatory. She appears penitent and reverent, and her chains have been broken, an indication that, after her temporary suffering, she is destined for heaven.

anima sola II 2020

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zele codrut


Free professional plastic artist, creative practitioner in the field of sculpture and painting.
-2019-2020 practice in erasmus program in Bari, Italy, at Academia di belle arte
-2017-2019 graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts. The field of visual arts, the program of studies with
the specialization Sculpture, cycle II master.
-2014-2017 graduate of the Faculty of fine arts, undergraduate
studies, Sculpture study program, Cycle I.
– 2009-2013 graduate high school, vocational career in Artistic profile.
Contact: -Telefon 0755670444
-instagram: codruț zele
-facebook: codruț zele

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