Girl with Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth 2021

Oil paint, oil pastel, gouache and charcoal on canvas

Cowboy Wayne 2021

Oil pastel, gouache and charcoal on paper

One, two, three, four, Hi-5! 2021

Oil pastel, gouache and charcoal on canvas

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Zac Roger Yeates

United Kingdom

My name is Zac Roger Yeates, I am a self-taught mixed media painter who was born and raised in Western Australia in 1997. In 2018 I decided to move to Berlin where I studied film production. In June of 2020, I finished my studies and received a Diploma in Film Production from Catalyst Institute.

I have only started painting recently but have already made many accomplishments I am proud of inducing exhibiting in two different galleries in Vilnius, Lithuania and in a couple of online galleries.

The driving force behind my artwork is the desire to explore atmospheric worlds that have a sense of familiarity but give the viewer a feeling of uncanniness. The figures who live in the world of the painting—those are the faces I want to capture.

I was born with a cleft lip. It is an awakening, being born with a feature always seen as an imperfection. This is where my fascination began with imperfections and the subjects who possess them. My art is a way of communion and communication

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