Isolation with the Self – Triptych 2021

11" x 14" inches (each panel)
Oil on Linen Panel

This work explores the despair that comes with the realisation of the impermeability of the cloak of immortality. Anxiety riddled humans consume outside distractions on a rapid pace to distract themselves of their mortality but are faced to see it when isolated and this is what Quarantine has achieved. It is the self realization achieved by self isolation. The reality of the thinking and anxious animal has been made public in our private rooms.

The Immigrant 2021

18" x 24" inches
Oil on Linen Canvas

We are all strangers to our own despair.

The recurrence of the self 2021

96" x 120" inches
C Print + Diasec

This is a series that im working on which merges artificial intelligence with my work, where a work of mine is put through an algroithm which produces newer works by subtracting adding or replicating images into the artwork creating a conflated artwork between a human and AI.
This series focuses on the recurrence of the idea of the self and how it changes with every moment.

This is the series I am applying for artistic production because the sizes that I have in mind for this digital creation need funding to be achieved to their greatest potential. I have a pool of works in the same series which will merge to create a better understanding of how AI interacts with the self actualizing identity of the thinking animals.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Zaam Arif

United States

Zaam Arif is an American-Pakistani contemporary artist
residing and working in Houston, Texas.
Zaam is currently pursuing his BFA in Design but has been
taught and been an apprentice of his artist father, for
several years. Zaam’s work has been published across
many platforms, most recent being “Gulf Stream
Magazine” in Miami, Florida and “The Gasher Journal” in
Boulder, Colorado.

Zaam Arif explores existentialist experiences of the layman, the experiences that we
tend to hide. He confronts it with a penetrating interpretation of human nature,
transforming it into a visceral reality. His work is a manifestation of his
understanding of the contemporary human condition along with insights garnered
from his study of classical literature and psychology.

He is adamant in exploring the harsher truths and inner conflicts that plague us all, in
this day and age, using visual contrast in all his pieces, whether through color, lack
thereof or the medium itself, to express it.

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