Pasta Recipes (serie) 2020

2020, Florence, Italy.
Locked in with my pastas… Inside and outside… Physically and mentally.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.


United States

Born with a quirky soul. Adventurous explorer and emotional thinker. Always love creative surprises and experiments.

I have a background in oil painting and photography, and I have been working as a fashion designer since I was 19. Under the pressure of proceeding garment production and meeting sales margin goals, photography came to me as a therapeutic practice. I value every mood and emotion represented in my work – it is a self exploration process, using visual narratives to express my personal struggles, to meditate and to build an imaginary world I envision.

My work is about exploring hidden fantasies in everyday objects and rebuilding new visual stories through manipulation and craftsmanship. I want emphasis the surrealism and playfulness of the subjects, through my own artistic construction and unique perception of the pictures.

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