Therapeutic Makeup 2020

Therapeutic Makeup(2020)
Metal, 3D printing, 2films(7mins film,3mins)
Makeup nowadays seeing by feminists as an empowerment tool, but if the “beauty outcome” remains the same as the one pleased male, can this tool do its job as an empowering tool? Should we really test the boundary of beauty first and then we can find our own way to understand it? At that time, it becomes a tool for empowerment.

NORMALIZATION BEAUTY ADDICTION- collab with youtuber 2019

Makeup can also direct social actions. These images are constitutive of the bodies experiencing them and are possible initiators of new modes of production and consumption.
The research phase took images from Taiwan-based magazines, beauty influencers on social media. Exploring how to promote diversified beauty values and stimulate the relationship between production and social equity. “Can beauty be unified?” All operate in the lens of what is– the cosmetic market based on mainstream beauty standards. In order to point at what could be– Modes of producing and consuming cosmetic beyond normalization beauty.
This project uses devices to study how makeup as a tool navigates in an industry established on the normalization of beauty, in order to unfold the potentialities of makeup unbound to unified beauty expectations.
Made in cooperation with makeup YouTuber Tang-Fu.

Whiteism 2019

About Whitening culture in Asia,
My statement is that I see the whiteness beauty standard as a conspiracy theory.
During the interview with dermatologists, I realize that changing skin color is really difficult, but in Asia, women still put a lot of effort to try to become whiter. The reason I use a website to present my project is that my scenario is base on a provocative religion and in the current situation internet is a strong tool to spread the idea.
Basically, I want to use a parallel world to let people who believe in white is beauty check their behavior when they are pursuing it. For example, the advertisement usually showing whitening products with a goddess atmosphere. So in my religion, I also use this as a reference to classify the hierarchy of beauty members.
In this religion, they believe in baby god because of the skin color we born with is the whitest condition we can be. The goal of the members is to have baby skin. all the members of the religion follow roles to eat

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.



Yun-Ting Chou,
Design Academy Eindhoven- Master of Social design
Shih Chien University – Taipei, Taiwan Bachelor of Fashion Design
Graduate Fashion Week (London) International Shows Award
London Fashion Week Fashion Scout Exhibition participant
Dutch Design Week Exhibition participant
Berlin Fashion Week Exhibition participant
Beijing Fashion Week Exhibition participant

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