En 2013

From July 2012, I am making land art combining cultivation in satoyama and thinning timber (Cypress & Cedar). It grows like plant growth and work will continue to evolve

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Yoashitada Ihara



Born in Motoka, a traditional art flower arrangement.
After obtaining a master’s license, he began performing arts at the OSK at the age of 17. Afterwards, he became a Buddhist monk and trained in search of the roots of his art, but later returned to become a new style artist. After receiving a special prize at the 57th Nikakai Exhibition, he tried performance by combining flower arrangements with western sculptures and made public ecology sculptures using moss plants, while also working on a number of public sculptures, mainly stone. Since July 2012, he has been focusing on creating land art using growing trees for the entire 30,000 m2 satoyama (mountain forest adjacent to private houses).

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