Le milieux complex 2019

This video shows the plans of 6 houses in which I lived in my life, I painted them on my hand, and depict psychogeography by reconstructing memories of these houses. As Gaston Bachelard indicated in "the poetics of space" that the house is our corner of the world. She is our first universe. We comfort ourselves by reliving memories of protection. Each space reflects my own state and is also a collective memory of a generation. In recent years, China has grown rapidly and many types of buildings were disappeared. The types of these buildings have adapted to their period, such as the bangalows of my grandparents in the countryside, the apartments given by public companies, dormitories in the Chinese university and the high-rise buildings in the chinatown in Paris, and the collective apartments in Lyon. These spaces combine personal, architectural and cultural memories.The displacement of space implies a temporal stagnation and reflects more the double effect shaping space on the body.

A pleasant trip 2018

One afternoon in Paris, I tried to pass a few very narrow places in the city.

Push the door of the subway exit 2019

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Yiyao Xu



Xu Yiyao is a chinese artist based in Paris and Lyon. She received her MFA at Université la Panthéon Sorbonne Paris 1, and BA at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon. Through media such as images, performances, installations, and publications, artist pays attention to the relationship between individual behavior and public space, private space, and space in the time. These spaces integrate individuals with architecture, culture and memory. Artist uses personal experience as a starting point to extract the original rules in the public space that make the collective better and more convenient for living together, and then uses different media to write a new rule to add to the space as a way to communicate with the space.

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