Ephemeral Beauty 2020

Site-specific mural for a hotel/residency in Gangnam district in Seoul. Inspired by the hotel’s name/identity ‘cappuccino’, the overall theme is foam and bubbles.
Embodying the quote ‘life is beautiful because it doesn’t last’, the mural suggests that despite the negative connotations of bubbles, the ephemeral nature is what makes them beautiful.
Location: Hotel Cappuccino Seoul
Medium: Acrylic

Crouching Paris, Hidden Tigers 2019

Installation and live-painting for a pop-up event in Paris.
Exhibited two large digital prints (5m*5m ea) illustrating tigers in various corners of a collaged cityscape of Paris.
Live-painting of a tiger using traditional Korean ink.
Location: VOS Paris
Medium: Digital prints, Korean ink

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Yeon Park

South Korea


Columbia University, New York, BA Philosophy (2011-2016)
Freie Universität, Berlin, BA Philosophy/German Language and Cultural History (2013-2014)
Brand Design & CX Direction, célib life and stay, Seoul (2019 Dec – present)
Co-founder/Creative Director, soseek, Seoul (2018 Oct – present)
Design Strategist, Continuum Korea, Seoul (2017 May – 2019 Mar)
Art Director, Froth, New York (2015 Oct – 2017 Jan)
Artist Collaboration, Vans Korea (2020 Dec)
Promotional Exhibition for Netflix Korea, Songwon Art Center (2020 Nov)
Site-specific Mural, Hotel Cappuccino, Seoul (2020 May)
Art Installation & Live Painting, VOS Paris (2019 Jan)
Solo Exhibition, Artinsun Gallery, Seoul (2017 Nov)
Fashion Brand Collaboration, Sundae School Collection AW17/SS18/AW19, New York (2017 – 2019)
Artist Residency, The Palace, Poland (2017 Jul)
Art Studio Assistant for Lee Bul, Project Bhaum, Seoul (2015 Apr – Jul)
Mural, Kikisol, Berlin (2015 Dec)

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