Analemma 2019

In complete darkness. One white thin light line is projected and it moves up continuously. White polyester threads weaved randomly whole space in the space. It works as a 3D screen. The audience will be surrounded by several thousand of tiny light points which moving up. Since the threads are weaved at a random angle, each light points seem moving at a different velocity.

I believe that space itself has beauty. However, space is not visible and touchable. Light is the purest material which can change space tangible. When density becomes limitlessly low and reached to the limit that people can feel some kind of existence, the material loses it’s materiality and remains only as a quality and space. In this work, the audience will feel as they were in the water.

0.04 2017

The equipment with the light source will be hanged from the ceiling in the center of the perfect darkroom. The equipment consists of a super bright LED, heat sink and thin water pipe. Visitors will enter a dark room and see a water drops dripping from the center of the room. The water droplet works as a lens in which the refractive index keeps changing and draws patterns on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Patterns keep changing slightly, and the identical pattern will never emerge. Infinite light patterns are projected by two physics, the surface tension of water and gravity. Water droplets also work as a prism, and rainbows appear on the walls. The sound of water droplets falling also makes you aware of “MA”. The audience could reconsider the structure and meaning of this world by the simplest relationship of time, space, and light which are the fundamental element of this universe.

Myrkviðr 2019

In complete darkness. One light attached to an aluminum ring, 1.2 meters in diameter, hunged from the ceiling is rotating slowly at the center of the space. Transparent nylon threads weaved whole space in the room reflect the light. You will be surrounded by several thousand of tiny light points moving up in the space like a natural phenomenon “Diamond dust”.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.



Born in 1977 Kanagawa, Japan. Majored in the architecture course at Musashino Art University. Performed fieldwork such as high mountain climbing or Ice climbing. Creating immersive installation works on the theme of “consciousness of space” and “change of somatic sensation”.
Participants of Amsterdam Light Festival 2017 and 2018, one of the most popular light art festival in the world. The audience award of the International Light Art Award 2019 in Unna, Germany. Featured 9 best light artists in the world in Artdex 2019. 1st Asian who was selected SIGNAL 2016, the largest art festival in the Czech Republic. Biela Noc 2018, the top art festival in Slovakia. 100 years festival 2018 in the Czech Republic. Exhibition at the Largest La chartreuse monastery in France 2018. Wonderspaces, the U.S. tour from 2019. Cooperated works with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan or Jaxa(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). Exploring the border of art and science.
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