The Last Gatekeeper 2021

This is a digital work about the symbolic gateway from life to death. The entity I call the gatekeeper represents the materialization of oneself before the journey into the unknown.

Data Glitch 2020

This work is about our own identity that is lost in the infinity of data on the internet.
I compare this lost identity which experiences a glitch on the internet with the human condition and its ruptures in real life.

The Emperor 2020

This work represent a king made of stone standing alone in the face of chaos.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Yanis Frere


I'm a 27 years old French artist based in Paris, who works on visual connections between dreams, nightmares, and reality. I make paintings and prints by using photographs of my own body or anything interesting that I see outside through different filters, lights and framings. The angles and tricks that I use allow me to create landscapes, visual narration through scenes that involve sometimes multiple characters. It also could be a classical city or countryside landscape that I digitally modify. In my paintings, the use of color ink is important. It allows the superposition of shapes, illusion of movements, adds some extra colors, and creates the strength of a dynamic composition. The main topics you can find in my artworks are often about the afterlife, science fiction, and spirituality. I propose a vision of an oniric world with different codes, that involve elements from the real world. The most important thing in my work is to analyze and feel before looking for a deep meaning.

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