Kommunikation | 2017

Kommunikation is a project I did in New York. It is built with strings and nails in an 5′ x 5′ open front box. The installation focuses on this journey we call ‘life’. Does time really exist? If it does, why do we let it define us? What does it mean to be living? Do we really know the people around us or are we all just passing by? The installation is open to individual interpretation. The beauty of abstraction is that the audience is able to determine what they feel on their own. I have also encouraged the audience to not read the description before entering the installation.

My video work is not animated through post editing programs, it is a built installation and filmed manually to create organic post edited effects. I feel that the combination of the two elements – physical and nonphysical – provides a unique and otherworldly experience.


Through The Glancing Window | 2017

‘Through The Glancing Window’ focuses on urban infrastructure. This project was inspired by the five years I lived in Queens/Brooklyn, New York City. I have witnessed the gentrification of the two boroughs. The construction waste I pass by on my daily commute to Manhattan saddened me. Living in the two boroughs, the noise of construction does not ever end and at times, it vibrated my apartment. I started to explore the question, “What does it mean to be fully satisfied?”. I came to a conclusion that the times that I felt fully content is when I am out in the mountains and breathing in the natural elements.

I have always lived in major cities. However, the only memories I have of my childhood is when my brother and I spent time in the mountains and in the parks. It makes me wonder is gentrification brings us happiness or does is it only granting us convenience? Are we better off living in such an environment? This installation is made out of 6 sets of 36″ x 53″ hand-drawn and silk-screened fabrics. It represents 6 elements/patterns – ocean waves, flower pollination, tree rings, microscopic images of minerals, iron welding, and high-rises windows. The patterns are turned into 3D projections by utilizing flashlights on a broken turntable.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Yang Shen

Taiwan, Province of China

Originally from Taiwan, I began exploring space installation and film after I graduated from Parsons The New School of Design. I strayed away from my major in Fashion Textile Design and started exploring and working in the field of visual/installation art. 

I feel that the issues that our society are facing - political, religious, or racism all developed because we fail to communicate with compassion. The world we live in now connects us on a very surface level. Information is bombarding us every day and nothing is being filtered nor processed before it goes back out again. By utilizing space installation and video art, I am able to make people feel the power of being emotionally connected again. 
Art and music are the only two languages that have no boundaries.

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