I love to look at the unrestored facades of buildings. I am fascinated by fragments that have changed under the influence of weather, rain and sun. In some areas, the plaster cracked and fell off. Faded and fuzzy lines of the original image can sometimes be seen. One can only guess what was depicted in this or that part. There are no borders between destruction and creation. Traces of the destruction of the facades of buildins became a source of inspiration for me.
This work is based on simple shapes that became for me a "canvas" for depicting fragments of walls with traces of destruction and transformation. The most difficult thing I faced in my work was imitation of the ageing process and surface destruction. I achieved this in part by randomly placing pieces of gypsum, dry clay and a crackle-effect glaze.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Yana Daniyalian


I was born in 1983 in Belarus, but since 2018 I have been living in the Netherlands. I graduated in 2007 Belarusian State University, International relationships (Belarus) and received in 2008 a master's degree in Political science at European Humanitarian University (Lithuania).
I started working with clay in 2015 in a ceramics studio in Minsk (Belarus) and for three years, under the guidance of a teacher, I tried different technique. In 2018 I participated in her first group exhibition in Minsk (Belarus).
In the Netherlands I organized my own studio, where I continue singly study the clay and trying material possibilities. I continue various experiments with glaze, texture and shape.

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