uvuvi wa dago 2020

medium: acrylic on canvas.
size ; 60*90 cm
style: symposium realism.

bazar(market) 2019

medium:acrylic on canvas
style: symposium realism.

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Yahya mwinyikombo


Art the feast in my soul

Born and raised in Zanzibar, Tanzania; a professor of spontaneous realism art emerged known as Yahya Mzee Mwinyikombo. Popularly known as Y- Kola, an artist gem has drawn his own path into fame with not more than his secondary school art class lessons. He chose to forego continuation in formal higher education after his A-level qualification, to pursue his artistic dream.
A principal theme in Y-Kola’s work is the nature of time and is also concerned about his cultural footprint of which he expresses both elements through his art. He finds the challenging medium of texture to perfect his interpretation of his inspiration, the master of Spontaneous Realism,VOKA from Austria who creates art of less color density.

Y- Kola is the first artist to participate in an Islamic Solo Art Exhibition /calligraphy at Emerson on Hurumzi, Zanzibar in 2018. He has also become a regular feature at the East African Art Biennale exhibitions.

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