Heart music 2019

This ceramic work represents the abstract organic shapes in nature, which is a beetle insect, but with a new and contemporary style in composition, movement and color, and focusing on the morphology of the aesthetic design of the oval shape.
50x27x15 cm
Stoneware/ 1200c°

This ceramic work represents the abstract organic shapes in nature, which is a b 2019

This ceramic work represents the beautiful music of insects that can be heard at night, these insects have special atmospheres like the atmosphere in which humans live …
55x25x23 cm
Stoneware/ 1200c°

Immigration 2019

This work represents the migration of insects from one place to another, in order to search for a better life, as the artist used this form and his movement that suits the topic.
47x23x23 cm .
Stoneware / 1200c°

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Yacoub Al- atoom



Yacoub Hussien Ahmed Alatoom
Jordan /Amman/ College Of Art And Design Tel: 00962775516550
Yacoub alatoom was Born in Jordan / Amman 1977, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in painting from Yarmouk University in 1999, and a master’s degree in ceramics from Yarmouk University in 2015, he has many international participation: * Participation in the second session of the sculpture workshop ( for China- Arab Friendship). * Participation in the world ceramics symposium national center of arts- Taiwan 2018 . * Nomination by the jury to participate in the International Ceramic Biennale,( Cluj Romania) 2019 * Participation in ceramic symposium Tunisia/ Carthage 2019.

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