Cotton Research Project 2020

The “Cotton Research Project”, which includes the researches and art projects I did in India, Manchester and Hong Kong. The project is not just about material, it is through the links and the intertwined stories relate to the history documentary, the present society, industry, nature, trade and migration. In Manchester where the humid weather was a predominant factor in the region. The work is moving with the times and referencing the cities transition from an industrial past to a postindustrial future. In Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan was a former textile industrial area created by land reclamation. As a Taiwanese experiencing the period of social movement which began from anti-extradition bill movement upheaval in Hong Kong, I found myself grappling with the sense of identity and the relationship between Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Depending on different visitors, display locations and social conditions, the work can be given a wide interpretation.

Cotton Research Project Chapter III- Hong Kong- Cotton Dream – Let’s Spin 2020

This is a social collaboration piece about creating their dream pattern because the social interaction activities could increase the cultural capital of citizens and their sense of belonging. The textile realizes the abstract feeling into the visual patterns and images. By filming their circle weaving pieces while spinning it represents people’s dreams and future destiny. The resource of the soundtrack and the shadow of figures are from the protestors and police activities during the the social movement in Hong Kong.

Used Picker 2020

The “Cotton Research Project II” was based in Manchester. The 18th-19th century transformation from a normal English town into an industrial powerhouse which initiated the industrial revolution. In the past, when the leather element from the weaving mills work out, weavers would take the leather back to their home for their dog to chew with. Because the industrial oil and the thickness of the leather were very good for dog’s teeth. Here, the sculpture representing the idea of the industrial and natural environment issue which connecting the past and the present society.

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Ya-chu Kang is a Taipei-based artist. Her work explores issues of identity, the relationship between human and natural and the social environment through mix-media sculpture and site-specific installation. Kang debuted her art and research base on her travel and residency experience that were related to the local textile cultural history and contemporary social behavioral appearance. The themes often reflect of boundary that relate to life and death, yin and yang, known and unknown, artificial and natural. Described as “simulation objects” the work eliminates the boundary between usable items and sculpture — the functional and the aesthetic. She works in a practical manner and practical working progressing reactions to exteriors often articulated through process.
Kang has exhibited internationally since 2006, in Japan, Europe, North America and South Asia, and has researched textile culture in Japan, Peru, Thailand, India and UK. Her publications include Textile Map, Volumes 1,2 and 3

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