The Funs Is A Cult 2017

In my spare time in Chicago, I often walk around the city to shoot. Some time later, I created several works about how I existed in the urban environment as an identity and body symbol. The Funs "Is A Cult" is named after an outdated concert poster. One night I walked out of the subway and happened to pass a black-and-white poster with a woman's back. It attracted my attention, first of all, because its height
and size matched my figure, and secondly because its title had an English grammatical error. So I decided to use this poster as inspiration to make a work that looks absurd. I use repetitive bowing movements and overlapping printed images to complete a performative film project that records the repetitive process, thereby testing people's response to the body and image in the public environment, and discussing the value of art and the possibility of the place where it occurs.

Mutual Measurement 2017

Mutual Measurement took me nearly two months to finish the shooting and editing. The main discussion is about the relationship between the body and public space. The implementation method is to measure industrial products in the public environment with my body.

Tangible Stop 2018

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Xiaoqing Zhu

United States

Xiaoqing Zhu (b.1991) is a multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Beijing, China, and currently
based in Chicago, New York, and Beijing. Xiaoqing Zhu graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2014 with a
BA in painting and completed her MFA in printmedia at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in
2017. Through video, installation, performance, photography and illustration, Xiaoqing’s creations
challenge the expected functionality of objects and human body, and explore the correlation between human activity and urban environment. Xiaoqing Zhu’s work has been exhibited nationally
and internationally and is held in private and public collection throughout the United States and

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