Hourglass 2019

The hourglass is a real-time sound visual installation that continuously records the sounds in the venue, using feedback techniques to continuously stack and repeated all recorded sounds together to create an uninterrupted stream of time, including the messages of past and present of the venue, which are mixed to form an unknown time and space position, and dancing lines become traces of time stacking.

Encountering Notes 2019

In the bustling public space, people constantly pass each other. Public space is the place where people meet. I image each person just like a certain note, meeting each other, connecting, playing and revering, composing a living music score.

The work uses camera take live video, input the video source into program, use image recognition technology to identify the location of people in the picture, and convert it into different chords and notes according to different positions. The system continuously operating the change data of screen to generate different beat and rhythms. Take everyone who walks around the space be a part, just like forming a piece of music that continues to interact.

Surrounding Spectrum 2019

Feel the street and environment landscape from a visual and auditory perspective, to conduct information construction on the aesthetic perception of the environment, and to transform the landscape into color tickets and music through program analysis. It’s a way to observe the sensory structure between the environment and the residents. The artist loads the image of the village environment into the program, lets the program capture the color ticket of the image, and uses various color parameters to set up the digital audio and arrange it into the structure of the music, so that the program automatically generates the AI music. Therefore, every image and every landscape has its inner melody that can be heard.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Wu Siou Ming



Wu Siou Ming is a Kaohsiung-based sound artist. His multi-disciplinary works in sound, digital video, installation and electronic music have been widely presented across Taiwan. Ming’s site specific projects explore phenomenology and human perception along with social issues facing urban spaces in his hometown: economic injustice, youth protest and unsustainable environmental practices. His installations and performances have won him numerous awards from prestigious organizations including the National Art Exhibition ROC, Taiwan Emerging Art Awards, Austronesian International Arts. He as one of the young artists supported by National Ministry of Culture. And his artworks have been presented in U.S, U.K, Europe and Asia.

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