fire 2020

70cm x 50cm – 19.6 in – 27.5 in.
We wait to return to normal. We wait for the fire to be lit. Uncover the fire that is within us.
We stay indoors in the evening just when we should go out to have contact with other people. We have an ancestral need to really be with other people.
I happened to think how paradoxical the curfew is. In the past century, where a "curfew" was an evening bell which warned people to cover their fires for the night, to prevent accidents.
Today the curfew prevents accidents; prevents the virus. It is necessary.
But as the past is putting out the fire. Our inner fire.
I think of the Doors song "light my fire" …. Try to set the night on fire …..
The night must be lived, the night must be set on fire
Fire, Fire, Fire.
I use oil colors, acrylic colors and chalk for the texture.

sun 2020

The sun is blast! It is a set of colors that involves you.
I used oil colors mixed with linseed oil, white spirit and turpentine. Brushes and Spatula.
Having layers and scrapes.

Earth 2020

The painting is a vision of the Earth where the vegetation takes possession of the territory. The sun's rays pass through the jungle and make the ground shine. The desert is reduced to a small strip.
I use oil colors, acrylic colors, aluminium and Namibian sand.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

wibaa antonio palazzo


I think, I solve, I explore, I change.
I was born in Rome and have lived in New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Apulia, Cape Town and now back in Rome.
I am self-taught, I have studied other, Economics
Suddenly I took paints and brushes and started painting. I don't know why painting came into my life, but it certainly gave me a lot.
Painting is commitment. Painting is the search for solutions. It is transforming an idea into something real. Paint is find solutions to one's stimuli. Paint is study. That's it, painting is beautiful.
I paint when there is boredom around me. I paint to improve concentration and increase self-esteem. It is always good to set goals and find solutions.
I then discovered that painting helps to see oneself inside, to express emotions, to relax, to find a moment to get away from all the noise.

I am self-taught.
I approached painting by attending a course at MoMA in New York – In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting

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