The cry of a lost soul 2020

Oil painting on 100x120cm canvas with high relief and crackle effect. In the elaboration, flat and detail brushes were used, the same ones that helped to give relief to the work. More dramatic tones were applied to generate more visual impact.

The work is inspired by the mummy "Gebelein man" exhibited in the British Museum. This naturally mummified man in Egypt was buried squatting around 3500 BC. C. and found in 1896. Evidence shows that his death was caused by a stab in the back.

Psychology of life 2020

Oil triptych on 50x120cm board with relief (commission) Flat brushes were used for the background and round brushes for the flowers.

This work was made to capture the therapy against anxiety and other psychological disorders that affect people's lives. The flowers at different times, position and color reflect the transformation process of a person in therapy. The psychological process of perception, learning, language, thought, attention, memory, motivation and emotion allows us to adapt to the world in which we live to live better from day to day.

Infection 2020

Oil painting on 40x50cm board. Representation of the despair over sudden deaths from Covid-19 in Ecuador. A year full of massive infections, mass graves of bodies throughout the country, missing persons, unidentified bodies, crowded hospitals without medical resources, unsanitary conditions, lack of doctors and nurses, psychological affectation, loss of jobs, confinement, insecurity, crime, isolation , food shortages and high death statistics.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Wendy Simancas


Wendy Simancas (Gwens), was born in Guayaquil- Ecuador. She is the daughter of Lojan parents and a low-income family. She discovered her love for art in the third semester of college graphic design. Her love for painting and art in general has led her to exhibit in museums, galleries and conventions such as the Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum, Menier Gallery, ComicCon Ecuador, Budokan. She has participated in competitions such as the FAAL, Pébéo Mixed Media Art Prize And Exhibition. She was an ambassador for the Pébéo paint brand. She has also published her art in scientific research, art and literature journals such as Ñawi, Pixeletras. This realistic illustrator and painter explores the dark side of life, pain, existentialism, longing and loneliness, juxtaposed with fragile beauty. Although she is a figurative painter, her focus has always been on emotional content. She graduated from ESPOL's Bachelor of Graphic and Advertising Design. Currently, she's a freelance artist.

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