Sounding sugar. 2015

Every material has its own hidden secret. By making, observing and listening we can find the entrance into this secret. The experiment started with the acoustic potential of sugar during a residency in former sugar refinery in Taiwan in 2015 together with Mariska de Groot. Tang is a percussion instruments made of crystallized sugar that was developed during this residency.


Inner Game. 2017

Inner game is a labyrinth inspired by Chinese symbol Baqua. Baqua is formed with symbol of Yan and Yin. It is used for military strategic ,fortune telling, Feng Shui to everyday life. All the symbols are interrelated and it represents the fundamental nature of reality. The wide range of applications made Baqua a suitable idea of labyrinth in the mental health institute Parco Basaglia.
F.Basaglia was an important psychiatrist in Italy who provoked the idea that mental hospital should not have walls. Treat mental illness patients as patients is inappropriate. In Parco Basaglia, no walls were built around the institute, everyone can enter and leave freely.

The rule of “inner game” labyrinth is the same, you are free to stay inside or leave with the touch of your finger in the labyrinth anytime. The composition is separated into 8 different routes/tracks. In each route, a hidden bell sound with boy’s counting can be heard/found. It’s an individual experience. Find your mental states inside the free space.

Artworks realized in collaboration with Maria Rebecca Ballestra for Labrys Project.

OHHO/Body cello. 2013

OHHO is an instrument exploring physical movement and searching for an intimate contact with sound. The human body is used an integral part of a string instrument, replacing the body of the instrument with the body of the performer. Strings are stretched onto the player so that the amount of muscular tension in the body directly affects the tension of the strings. While exciting the strings through slow and subtle movements, the performer alternately builds up and releases tension in the body, conducting musical development through delicate acts of physical exertion.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Wen chin fu

Taiwan, Province of China

Wen Chin Fu graduated in 2006 from the Classical Music Department of Shih Chien University, Taipei, and continued her studies at the ArtScience interfaculty and Music Theater of The Hague Royal Conservatory. Her performances explore the relationship between physical movement, sound and the environment. A key element of her practice is concentration, which opens the senses for perceiving things through new perspectives.


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