First Time 2016

Kleer Series
These explorations evolved from the “Inner World” series which was filled with saturated colors and dark areas. I wanted to lighten my work yet still keep the bright colors and energy that is essential to my compositions and statement. I explored a number of new production techniques that allowed me to leave large areas of the composition clear. From these experiments I developed the “Kleer” series, which allowed the environment around the art to play a role in my pieces. These pieces can be produced on acrylic or glass and use a new type of printing called UV. First Time is 156″ x 56″ and is split into 2 panels.

Ketamine Dream 2019

Script Series
I have been working on this series for over four years. I wanted to break away from the square or rectangular constraints of presenting art. As a digital artist who uses the latest technology to create todays art, recent advancements have enabled me to realize my dream. These new tools have allow me to create sculptural wall pieces that have no boundaries to their shape or form. I have combined my strong colors and detailed elements with free flowing shapes that enhance the power and visual excitement of the artwork.These freeform pieces are all unique, and sometimes are made up of multiple elements and shapes. I am very excited about this series. I hope you’re enjoy them as well. Ketamine Dream , this piece is laser cut 1/4” opaque white acrylic with archival UV printing. The hanging system is a simple wooden cleat which makes installation simple and easy.

Drift 2017

Inner world
The series “Inner World” is based on imaginary water scapes, that explore how light and color would penetrate watery worlds. These beautiful soft compositions absorb the viewer in a world they have never experienced, rewarding their close observation with surprises and hidden detail. Drift is 64″ x 40″. Produced as a Chromogenic print face mounted to acrylic.

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Wayne Roth

United States

Working as an artist in the 21st century

Wayne Charles Roth is part of the changing landscape in the art-world. His work represents the blurring of the traditional art world boundaries, substituting technology and new materials in place of paint, brushes and canvas.

Trained as a classical painter, Wayne has an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. His interest in a new form of expression came about in the 90’s, when computers and technology became part of our everyday lives. He felt that this technology allowed him to create art that was a truer reflection of the times.

The differences between creating an oil painting and a digital painting are not that great according to the artist. With digital work there is still a lot of drawing involved – just using a stylus instead of a pencil. When painting with oils he used a lot of glazes to build up depth and color and with today’s software he still uses the same slow process where multiple layers of color are built up to achieve

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