She Kept Birds 2017

This is an assemblage, using found objects, prepared mixed media 2-D material and shaped material. It is based on a piece of music performed by the experimental improvising choir Juxtavoices

Whitworth Threads 2016

This is a mixed media piece consisting of collage with found material, acrylics, graphite, inks. The title comes from a component of the collage, which is a found, old book of Whitworth threads used by engineers.

Signal Strength 2019

This is a mixed media piece, using acrylics, graphite, and some inks.

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Walt Shaw

United Kingdom

Walt Shaw

I am an artist working in Derbyshire, UK. My work usually integrates different media, such as collage (using a variety of found material) acrylics, graphite and inks. The pieces are abstract and explore the tensions between a free, spontaneous approach and a very controlled and delicate execution. Each piece begins with experimentation and searching and moves through to a controlled refinement through this process. I also work in 3-D, constructing assemblages from found and reshaped objects. I have also created sound installations multi-media performances.

I have exhibited widely throughout the UK, New York and in Europe. I have been the recipient of 4 Arts Council England awards.

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