Spray on canvas
190x130x2 cm
Time Out is performed during confinement and is an expression of the passage of time and with the intention of feminizing the figure of the skull and death.

Be to Be 2020

Acrylic on canvas
200x146x2 cm
Be to Be treats the most vulnerable and humble part of being, assuming its origins and looking at reality without fear in order to keep moving forward without harming or being harmed.

Alone 2018

Big wall at Barcelona in the neighbourhood of Bon Pastor.
18 x 6 meters

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Walaâ Hechcah



Conse is a multidisciplinary plastic artist, self-taught based in Barcelona. He began his career as an urban artist in 2007, developing his work in public, thus specializing in the art of muralism. His goal is to carry out his work on large-format walls internationally.
At the same time, he works in a line of study, experimenting with charcoal, spray, acrylic and other techniques.
He converges both worlds by bringing what he has learned on the public road to the studio.
Now 27 years old, he is working on his studio works to present them in an exhibition without neglecting mural art, which is increasingly a communication tool to support projects and organizations that demand their art to delivere a message, in this way his art is always rooted in the space where he develops it.

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