The Pillars of the Earth 2016

The Pillars of the Earth, Print Fine Art on Canson Baryta, 70x100cm, performance, mine, Paradsinga MP, India, 2015
This project started in India. I chose this country both for its spirituality and its fast development in these last years. I’m interesting on rural areas, in each of these places I cooperated with local people in order to create a series of workshops and participatory performances that would encourage the exploration of individual and collective potentialities. The project is an invitation to everyone to turn upside down the point of view and the perspective with which you observe the earth. Every action takes on a particular meaning for people who are co-dependent on that location. The work explores the concepts of rebirth and revolution through the reversal of the vision. Walking to reach tops from which you may “see” better, we talk, exchange ideas and create spontaneously a new community of people.

Abysses 2018

Abysses, Print Fine Art on Canson Baryta, 70x100cm, performance, 3 x 3 m ultramarine blue linen fabric, golden thread, in collaboration with Centro Astalli and Spazio Y, Border Crossing, Manifesta 12, Palermo,2018
A collective action that involved the community of migrants hosted in various reception centre in the city of Palermo, several students of the Fine Arts Academy, and citizens. The project, investigating the concept of abyss and immense depth as a metaphor for the impenetrability of human destiny, wants to lead us to a reflection on the dramatic issue of migrants through a creative choral process on a single piece of ultramarine blue fabric, where stars were embroidered with gold thread. This final collective artwork was raised by the artist and all the participants in several squares of the city of Palermo, becoming a starry sky, supported by human columns.

Oiseaux Rebelle/ Dans le flux 2015

Oiseau Rebelle/ Dans le flux, video HD 2’22’’, 2015 password: oiseau
The musicians are immersed in water to create a relationship between the flow of the music and the incessantly flowing of the water. The sound of the moving water merges with that of the music flow created by the artists. The work is supported both by the energy of the latent possibility of being overwhelmed by the “swollen river” – the creative source is always an unstable equilibrium- and by the image of the artist surfacing from the water. This iconographic image – become familiar for the frequent floods – becomes a metaphor of the artist that emerges from the creative flow but at the same time cannot get out, with the constant risk of being overwhelmed. The musicians interpret the air Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen, a hymn to freedom in all its meanings: water, air, love or artistic inspiration are rebel birds.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Virginia Zanetti


Virginia Zanetti was born in Fiesole in 1981. She graduated in painting with lode at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. She exhibits and collaborates for lectures, workshops, residences or permanent works with several Italian and foreign institutions for contemporary art, such as Man in Nuoro, CCC Strozzina in Florence, Museo Pecci in Prato, Bern Kunsthalle, Bellinzona MACT, Mog Museum, Italian Culture Institute in Delhi, Serendipity Festival in Goa, India. She won several institutional prizes as MOVIN’UP II session 2015 promoted byMinistry of Italian Cultural Heritage and GAI, first place in the competition for artists aimed at creating permanent artworks for the Law Courts of Florence in 2017, first Prize Maccaferri for photography, Artefiera 2019 and Smartup Optima 2019, Napoli. Her work is also in many articles and in several publications as A brief history of curating in collaboration with Hans Ulrich Obrist published by postmediabooks.

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