"Tie-up" 2019

The work is created in the technique of collage. Under the influence of the revolution
and the state of war that took place in the country.
paper, acrylic, plastic, nails, scotch tape.
Size: 240х165 cm.

"Phantom" 2021

Canvas, acrylic, charcoal

"Social connection" 2020

Artificially created restrictions on movement, actively affect the relationship between people.
Due to limited space or separation at a distance.
The work is aimed at visualizing the psychological states of people who are in a relationship, but are forced to find themselves in a mode of "isolation".

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Viktoriia Romanchuk



Romanchuk Victoria Alexandrovna
Lviv National Academy of Arts (monumental painting), master's degree.
Priorities in art – monumental painting, installation, assembly, collage.
2019 founder of the art space and gallery "Workshop" in Lutsk;
He currently works at the Lviv Drama Academic Theater. Lesya Ukrainka as a designer and lighting artist.
The works are dominated by themes: search for individual freedom and means of expression in the socio-cultural environment; the influence of the Soviet heritage on the formation of mentality; gender equality and the tendency to standardize, virtualization and screening of reality.

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