Saver of the world 2020

Acrylic on canvas plus dry pigment.
120×90 sm
It’s just a new visual culture that making classic art pieces more understandable and interesting for us and next generations. It shows that every piece of art from different centuries is timeless. They are just charge their visual form.

To a bright future 2020

Acrylic on canvas
I love to show the real things different ways.

The Overton window 2020

It’s the wall made on Urbanmorphogenesis street art fest in Russia.
It’s the biggest wall in Russia made by woman.
My personal record, 21 floors, 60×15 metres tall.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Viktoria Veisbrut


Viktoria Veisbrut was born in 1991 in Sosenskiy town, Kaluga region.
In 2015, she graduated from Tula State University with a degree in graphic design. Initially, she worked as a master of artistic tattooing, but over time, the type of art changed towards monumental and easel painting. Now the artist is trying new media, such as sculpture and digital art.

Viktoria Veisbrut works under the influence of the Internet. Its presence here and now is the defining feature of today's world, a multitude of parallel universes in one place. With the rapid development of technology, this phenomenon is becoming more and more universal, and not as an independent system, but as a part of life. Undoubtedly, this process leaves its mark on people, makes irreparable changes in the way of thinking, transforms conflicts and creates new ones. Viktoria Veisbrut depicts complex world, being inspired it and living it every day.

The artist lives and works in Moscow.

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