Death Releases The Soul 2010

Each death releases a new bit of your soul into the living world. Suffering comes from resistance to these deaths, and they then happen anyway, but like on a battlefield. When you could; die peacefully each time in a sacred monastery of your choice.

Doodle 2020

A2 piece of paper

The Hypnotized Mirror Drinker 2015

A4 Paper on a light board with oil pastels.

A guy is drinking his world. Taking responsibility for all that is. Ending Maya, the world of illusion: Where we blame others; feel victim to XY and are locked in "if's". If I had that, if this would be, if that had not been.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Viktor Maier


b. 1991, living in Ulm.

For me, the only valuable art is the one that releases me into life again.

I just want to have a calm and focused mind.

But life happens, constantly flooding me with the unknown. How to be happy. How to love. How to pay the rent. Problems make the mind freeze. You get scared and Medusas' snakes put you into stone.

My images and processes are about managing my mind to move forward in life.

It is like a blueprint of our ideal life is within us. The Delphian Know Thy Self. If we would know us, we could go into the unknown and manifest what we want.

I have no eduaction in art.

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