"LATINX-AF" 2020

Medium: Acrylic, Latex, Spray Paint, Plexi, Layered wood on wooden panel.
Dimensions: 36in X 48in

This painting is part of a new series that questions the way we see ourselves, and our culture. It challenges stereotypes and celebrates how unique we are as individuals. We should be proud of our heritage but not allow anyone to put us in a box.

"1846" 2020

Medium:Spray paint and Latex Enamel on brick building.

Dimensions: 40FT height 35FT wide

Titled “1846” We are indigenous not illegal. In 1846 the United States went to war with Mexico, and the defeated nation was forced to relinquish its northern territories by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. This opened the Southern Rocky Mountains to American settlement, including what is now the lower portion of Colorado. I wanted to create a mural for @streetwiseboulder that represents a Mexican Native man connected to his ancestors through blood and heritage. It was an honor to share a piece of my culture with Boulder, CO.

"Divine Sisterhood" 2020

Medium:Spray paint and Latex Enamel on brick building.
40FT height 200ft wide

“ Divine Sisterhood “ mural for @uhillwalls completed this afternoon. It’s crucial to empower our women. This mural is dedicated to Indigenous Women and the beauty our cultures bring to this world.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Victor Quinonez

United States


Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez is an international street artist who works at the intersection of contemporary art, graffiti, vinyl toys, fashion and design. With paintings, murals, drawings, mix-media pieces and private commissions for major brands, his robust pallette blends elements of street and pop culture with Mexican and indigenous aesthetics—a signature look the artist has coined “Neo Indigenous.” Marka27’s work has become part of graffiti and street art history, but he has flourished as a product designer, gallery artist, toy designer most recently exhibiting a profound art installation at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA . Marka27 has emerged as one of the most sought after muralists in the world, mastering his craft since before “street art” was even a term.

He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY where he and his wife and creative partner, Liza, run their award-winning creative agency, “Street Theory Gallery”.

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