Joy 2020

Detail from a 200 meter mural painted on Ex Telecoms House, Nairobi, 2020.

Nairobi to Kinshasa 2020

Nairobi to Kinshasa, painted in a private residence in Nairobi, 2020

Courage 2020

Detail from a mural collaboration with Jasmine Crisp in the Astor Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia in 2020 for Sanaa Festival

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Victor Kariuki


Viktart Mwangi is a visual artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. His focus is in large scale murals, painting and illustration. He has a B.A in Fine art & Design from Kenyatta University.
He specializes in large scale murals. In 2020 he designed and painted murals in The ExTelecoms House- Nairobi, the biggest street Art piece in East Africa and 4th biggest in Africa. He has been a participant in Sanaa mural festival in South Australia, Afri-Ngali And Garagara 250 mural festivals in Kigali, Rwanda.
His colourful murals are developed from a combination of reality and fantasy designed to stand out in the walls they’re painted in. His work can be found in offices, homes and Schools in Arusha, Daressalaam, Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, and South Australia.
His work can be viewed on his website

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