Industrial fairy tale 2019

The materials for the installation are wooden models and moulds found on the territory of a former shipyard called SRZ-2. To a different extent, the sculptor transforms these objects, referring to his personal experience and cultural memory of this place. Industrial hand-made objects have a special lyrical and memorial essence that can shrink, can become akin to a person, can reveal themselves more fully as other properties fade into the background, depreciate and become obsolete. Their technological novelty, market value and aesthetic appeal have already been lost. Despite this, the transformed objects begin to narrate, balancing between sacredness and a new functional characteristic.
Link to the video of the installation:

Virgin 2019

This work represents the relationship between emerging sexualities and copycat violence.

Wood, aluminum, rusty iron, paint
150 x 45 x 36 cm

Galya-psychic 2019

Hypersensitivity, the ability to unravel complicated situations, find missing people, heal with energy – these paranormal abilities are allegedly given to psychics.
Among the majority of psychics-charlatans, there are a few real and powerful ones, with amazing abilities that change the idea of human capabilities.
The lower part of the sculpture is fixed. The top moves. Five pairs of eyes carefully scan you. This is not all. There is also the inner vision. The body resembles a face looking at the viewer. Her limbs – silvery non-material
silhouettes, shimmer mysteriously in motion.
The viewer listens to his feelings and decides whether Galya is a charlatan, or a real psychic.
Materials: aluminum rod, wire, wooden elements.
Dimensions 256 x 197 x 197 cm

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Vasyl Dmytryk


Vasyl Dmytryk was born in 1991 in the Frankivsk region and graduated from the Grekova Art School in Odessa, Ukraine. He works in the fields of public art, conceptual sculpture and installations. In his artistic practice, he uses recycled and discarded materials in an attempt to search for boundaries between internal conflicts and outer perceptions as well as real and the imaginary worlds. He creates these sculptures primarily out of wood, metal and composites.

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