Reflection 2020

The basis of the work is the artist's reflection and an attempt to build visual series of memories from point zero (birth), through a walk through vivid memories from childhood. The materials for the sketch were cuttings from health magazines of the 60s-80s, which were manually glued into a collage. The print quality characteristic of the time, this peculiar noise, characterizes or can be perceived by the viewer as a fog and escape of memories. The jagged and deliberately sloppy edges of some illustrations in a sketch is a technique the artist uses to emphasize the fragmentation of memories that have to be glued together.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Vasiliy Kuklev


The first experience of interaction with the artistic environment was the passion in 2000 graffiti. After graffiti was street
art and active work in the studio. Now the artist's attention is directed to work with paper, Soviet and foreign illustrations
from books and magazines found on special book markets. Working with paper formed a visual-kinesthetic approach to
composition and color when creating a collage. In the future, the collage becomes a sketch for work on canvas, the
facade of the building or turns into a poster or an album cover.

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