Strength Through Vulnerability_Work 2 2020

This is a very meaningful painting for me because this is where I decided to paint myself in nude. I thought it’s going to be easy buy applying art knowledge & technique. What I did not realize was that painting self-portrait is also putting myself in "self-retrospection" – I must first deal with my innermost fear & darkest secret because I’ll be revealing myself to the viewer thoroughly and this made me feel very vulnerable. However, along the way, I also found my strength because this is also a very self-healing process. So this is how I got the name for the painting “Strength thru vulnerability”

Shine Out Loud series_Work 5 2020

This is my 2nd series after the 1st series “Strength thru vulnerability”. I have gained much confidence in painting myself then. Vincent Van Gogh has always been my favorite artist and I especially like his Almond Blossom series of paintings. I admire him not only for his talent, enthusiasm and passion in art but also his sincere approach to his painting subject. They are so simple and pure. Hence, I painted this as an encouragement to myself to press on, to never give up, and to have a pure heart and most importantly to remain truthful to myself – just like Vincent Van Gogh!

Whispers of Love 2021

I painted this as a “gift “for all lovers who have to stay apart because of the pandemic. I used to remember how ancient people used pigeons to convey message… So this is how I get the inspiration from – where the bird is delivering the “Love message” to those whom we miss so much; those we long to meet face to face, hug them and tell them “I Love You”!

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Vanessa Chyi


My name is Vanessa Chyi. I’m from Malaysia. I’m a 48 years old self-portrait artist who specializes in painting nude art. I like to use my own body to create an assortment of art. I would like to break the ice of social stereotypes, humiliation, and taboos associated with sexuality and gender issues through my art. I hope to encourage people to look at the beauty of female's bodies just the way they are, free from judgement, political, moral, ethical and religious norms and dogmas! And I also wish to encourage all women to be confident with their looks and bodies. I believe when we can accept and embrace ourselves for who we are, we will be at peace with ourselves and thus achieve HAPPINESS in life!
I’m basically a self-taught artist. I did not receive any formal education and training in fine art. But drawing is always my most enjoyable hobby since I was six.

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