La memoria di un corpo, verde1.5 2021

This project was born during the lockdown, months in which day after day I took photographs and videos daily during my walks along the paths of the territory in which I live, in Brianza.The photos, an ode to nature in all its forms. Nature in its immense variety has always been the object and subject of reflection and a source of inspiration in art throughout all eras. This project entitled " The memory of bodies" is an artistic research in which I combine photographic images, a focus on small details that become macro.For this reason, to better define this sense of recovery each frame is reviewed and cut into parts and then each selected detail is enlarged and then reassembled into a composition. I reconstruct and combine the photographic tiles with the idea of giving voice to shapes and bodies with a silent nature every single detail becomes presence: "Bodies" shapes with traces, with a sedimented own memory.

La memoria dei corpi, verde. 1.6 2021

Macro photographs, to pause to see nature as a form of life indispensable to man, a resilient form of life, capable of adapting, regenerating, changing; the intent to reconstruct and awaken the sense of matter, life, sap, which we no longer perceive or at least that we have stopped feeling close, distracted by what surrounds us and focused on our existence.

La memoria dei corpi, verde.1.1 2021

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valeria maggiolo(Valeriangelini)


VALERIANGELINI, is my stage name. In reality, Valeria Maggiolo.
My creative path coincides with my research on my identity.
The extreme need to see materialize my feelings and thoughts with all possible forms of expression: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography.

 As in a spiral, I walked to my life back and also the case has taken on a shape, a non-random pattern, which I wanted to propose in my works, miraculous intention, magic, the strength and the energy of a universal mechanism behind every grains of sand, behind the creation, and especially behind human existence.

Like a game in these works the reality breaks down to compose himself, an endless puzzle: after all, MOTHER NATURE has taught us that only with the transformation and the contamination we can renew and have continuity. Life is a puzzle, an incredible game where each piece makes sense and the end result is given by the set of pieces.
I like to think of this happening also in my work.

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