“In The Thick Of It” 2019

I noticed these steps right next to the gondola stop at San Marco square. They go quietly into the water, taking on all the splashes of water, no one notices them, but they are direct participants in the thick of things.
Watercolor on paper, 56×76 cm

“Bookshop Aqua Alta” 2019

Watercolor on paper, 56×76 cm
Imagine: a warm day, a favorite city, friends walking next to you. You show them Venice as you see it. You enjoy the shade as you turn the corner into the quiet street where the famous bookstore is located. And when you come to it, your heart stops at the sight of the lacy shadow of leaves on the cobblestones. Do you feel it?

“Look at the sky!” 2019

Have you ever walked around town drunk?
Drunk with your sadness.
Through the night city.
Sounds are blurred by background noise, headlights spread like a kaleidoscope, a warm wind blows over your shoulders. Traffic lights burn for a long time, reflecting in puddles, flashing in dark windows and giving signs to traffic flows.

All is well, except for the ever-present attachment and longing for one person. You can’t get anything back .
You did the right thing and few people will not envy your strength of spirit and even more so will not be able to repeat.

This rarely happens.
But to the point.

And now: jazz in headphones and the emptying evening city, carefully washed by the rain before going to bed.
Watercolor on paper, 56×76 cm

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Valeria Golovenkina



Valeria Golovenkina
Instagram: @valeriagolovenkina

I’m a self-taught artist.

* Finalist of the contest “Muse must work” 2019-2020, the work was awarded a sponsor’s prize.
* Finalist of the 2018 watercolor Perspective contest
* Participant of the international watercolor Biennale “Castra 2019”
* Participant of the international watercolor Biennale “Kosovo 2019”

* Speaker at the creative festivals “It’s time to draw” and ” Wake up day”
* For two years — teacher of watercolor painting for adults in the Studio of St. Petersburg, worked individually and with groups of up to 45 people.

My works are in private collections in the USA, Europe and Russia.

I am endlessly inspired by color and light, and my heart beats faster when I see highlights, contrasts, and reflexes. I remember a phrase my dad said to me: “Never lose your taste for life.” I want to savor every bit, every emotion, every moment I’ve lived.

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