The conARTIST 2020

Self Portrait in raw canvas, acrylic paint, house paint, crayons, markers and pastels. Large Formats


An imaginative story of different characters I admire in my life, This character is nor male or female. It is a surresalistic work and allegory of youth today.
Raw canvas, acrylic pait, crayons, markers and pastels. Large format

The image of our golden generation 2019

Raw canvas on acrylic, house paint, crayons, pastels, markers. Large format

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Ursula Mur


Ursula Mur was born in Lima, Peru. After High school Ursula attended briefly Corriente Alterna Art School in Lima, but left after 1 year and moved to New York city where she enrolled at The Art Students League of New York. (

She attended the International program where she specialized in painting and printmaking. Mentor by Larry Ponns and Charles Hinman.

She returned to Lima- Peru in the year 2016, where she founded a short term project called, “Espacio 22”. An experimental laboratory for Emergent fine artist and musicians.  The  project held a total of 12 art shows in the following 3 years and diverse music events; creating an open house for the community.

She keeps a studio in Brooklyn NY and back in Lima, Peru.

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