to loose my mind 2019

The installation “to lose my mind” is an example of my artworks with combinations of transparent materials, monoprints on fabrics and paper, drawings and ink painting.
The composition shows light drawings of human faces and bodies with sentimental expressions. Humans are involved in nature and trees. Men are using nature for hiding, searching protection, searching nutrition for surviving but also spiritual nutrition for their soul. This artwork stands for getting involved in our current environmental problems. An Anthropocene Mouvement previews humans to come back into nature. The installation is hanging free on the open wall, without frames and borders. Each installation is free to expand. Here at this show in ArkaGallery Vilnius 2019: 200x200x30cm

layrinth et dedale 2014

Installation of 10 layers of fabrics, painted with acrylic and ink paint. The fabrics are hanging in the room in the form of an labyrinth, giving permission for the visitors for going through and following a voice (mp3) hidden behind.
installation in a surface about 10 m2

red shadows 2016

Installation of painted fabrics with and without frame. these artworks are about violence, estonishments and helplessness.
framed red artwork 150×50 , unframed installation on the wall 250x200x30cm

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Urlichs Nina


German artist Nina Urlichs deals with themes revolving around the human body and their expressions. Shortly upon graduating with a degree in fashion design, she turned toward the visual arts as a more appropriate means through which to continue and strengthen her research in body expressions. Nina has created her own visual language of abstract calligraphy in order to capture the expressive nature of the human figure. Her work is based on the philosophy of a perpetual life cycle, characterized by an incessant appearance and disappearance.
In 2015 and 2016 she completed artist residencies in Chengdu, China and 59 Rivoli in Paris, respectively. She was nominated into the artprize NN in 2016, Germany and has been published in the”Annuarle OFF”, and “Artscene” magazine in France. Nina Urlichs has recently exhibited within exhibitions at MVVO NY, in the Gallery Site:Brooklyn, in the Biennale european “4artParis” in France. Upcoming shows are in Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt

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