Black Odyssey in Mediterranean Waters 2018

I am working with the feeling of hope, joy and frightening fell by the travelers who try to cross the Mediterranean to search for a better life.
I put myself on the Italian border and I observe the expectation crash on our cost.

Rome 2017

Celebratory work of the city of Rome.

From regret to forgiveness 2018

The works is an Acrylic on paper long 6 meters and large 45 centimeters. It is a painting hard to catch in picture and so to show for an expo, since the atypical format. This work is part of a project focus on the feeling of southern violence, made during a period of residence in Crete.
“From regret to forgiveness” is an investigation of the explosive and violent energy of southern life, human behavior, expressions of nature.
Here is expressed an explosive force, a suspended violence before the explosion, a vibration of an accident before it becomes actually happens.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Uma Haime


Uma Haime is an Italian artist based in Prague. Since her teens she has been studying different artistic languages as dance, theatre and painting. She moved to Bologna where while studying Theatre’s Anthropology she starts also create collages and drawings as a form of diary of her experiences and evolutions. With discovering the Asian theatre, she started to be fascinated by rituals, religion and oriental mysticism.

Later she moved to Paris to study her master degree, and so had the opportunity to visit often gallery of contemporary art in Paris as in London. This was in the period when the street arts and the digital arts started to be officially recognized.
Then she tried to come back to live in the south of Italy and get reconnected with her roots. In Naples she started to study abstract mime and performance and directed a series of site-specific performances with her artistic group Veranda.

The economical crises broke out this project based on street performance and she

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