Letting go 2021

150x200cm , Oil on canvas.

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Ugo Li



Ugo Li, born in 1987, is a French painter, who is currently living and working in Paris. His bold, pictorial and often abstract work appropriates and reinterprets the visual signs of today’s society.

Everyday inspiration
. His work is highly personal, inspired by both major life events and the small everyday moments that constitute one's existence. His paintings explore the intersections of dreams, memory, personal history and daily life.

Media Musings
Ugo Li often takes his inspiration from the colourful advertising that pervades society. He plays with words and slogans that appear isolated on the canvas and are intended to provide more of a pictorial purpose since they are removed from their original commercial context. For Li the canvas becomes a place for him to project his emotions, he often removes and repaints the work until he is happy with the dialogue that has emerged.

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