Time Theory 2020

Time Theory Exhibition – Wirksworth Festival

Blue Forest 2020

Current project with Nonsuch Studios; ceramic intervention set in the heart of Nottinghamshire forest, intertwining around trees and dead wood. Installation suspended due to Coronavirus.

Parallel 2019

Time Theory – continued – incorporating light and shadow into installation. Shadow represents parallel universe . This concept has been developed through a series of participatory events / workshops.

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Tracey Meek

United Kingdom


My work is spontaneous and intuitive, flowing from illustration to ceramics and further sculpture with a playful, sensitive approach. At times there is a focus on people and folklore, and at others, human influence dissolves into to colour, texture and form. My work is honest and tactile, it is an extension of myself and my interpretation of immediate and extended environment. I am interested in science and nature, I enjoy the fine detail found in mycology and geology. I find inspiration in my surroundings, a walk in the woods, an intuitive comb the ground that results in an interesting object. I am continually exploring time theories through delicate wire installation that combines ceramic sculpture. The wire is the path we take and physical object symbolises pivotal events or happenings that push us onto other possibilities within our life time. I have extended this development, experimenting with light and shadow.

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