Red door and the Gathering Storm 2018

40 x 48″
oil on Wood

This is I Love you 2015

A study on the impact of non verbal storytelling using visuals and music to create profound emotion, regardless of language.

3am 2018

oil on wood

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tori white

United States

Tori White is a multi disciplinary artist. Influenced by the Southwest and rooted in American culture, her hauntingly compelling paintings, often featuring lonely characters, echo her background in storytelling as a writer and actress.
Her work offers a suggestion of a story but leaves the viewer to wonder. She began painting on wood at the age of 18, falling in love with the delicate communion of oil and wood. Leaving a degree of transparency, she incorporates the depth and intricacies of the wood that serve as the foundation to all her work, allowing the viewer to appreciate its natural beauty. She lives and works in Venice, CA.

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