Untitled I 2021

Slab build and extruded , earthenware fired with decal applications.

Passju 2012

Inspired from the traditional children`s game. A parabola divided in 9 sections represents the 9 months of passion & suffering of childbirth. Scraffito applied on layers of coloured engobes

Untitled II 2020

Slab and extruded , this three legged sculpture is raku fired

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Tony Briffa



Born in Malta in 1959, he studied ceramics in the late seventies obtaining a distinction diploma from Tarġa Gap School for Craftsmen. Since the early eighties, he exhibited in a significant number of national and international juried exhibitions, drawing the attention of art critics and collectors . In 1995, he was awarded the Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship in Art and Crafts, which he pursued later as a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for the Arts, Hobart, University of Tasmania. While in Australia, he attended the international ceramic Clay Sculpt Symposium at Gulgong. He moved to Tåsinge in Denmark in 2002 where he now lives and work. Tony was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2015 and the Malta Arts Council Grant in 2016 and 2018 for his ceramic sculptures.

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